Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday

I missed last weeks WIP Wednesday because I was in Washington DC for a conference for work.  I don't get to travel a lot for work which seems a little strange since I work for an international charity but I always appreciate the opportunity.  As luck would have it I am going to get to go on my first medical mission with my organization one month from today in Santa Cruz Bolivia and I couldn't be more excited.

As for sewing, I managed to finish my swap package for Sew Sew Modern 4.  I made this little dwell table runner based on the pattern from Camille's second book.  I had picked up a large scrap of Happy Go Lucky in the great fabric destash and it ended up fitting perfectly on the back.  Of course now I need to get some more of that fabric because it's such a great print but I love how it worked out.

I'm still working on my free motion quilting skills and they do leave much to be desired but I think this actually turned out okay.  Fun little fact I actually put a little heart in my FMQ.  I did this on my the table topper I made my sister in law for Christmas as well.  It's just a fun little touch and something that probably goes unnoticed but I like to think when they finally see it they will know that the piece was made with love.

I also managed to finish piecing my Lucy's Crab Shack quilt top.  I can't wait to get this one to the quilter and get it back.  Hopefully I'll get that done before the summer and can have it for lots of picnics.  Not that I go on many picnic but I just might start if I had a fun summer quilt like this to take with me.

That's it for me this week-be sure to head over to Lee's and see what everyone else is up to.  


  1. I love your projects! The table runner is beautiful and the quilt, well that pattern is my next up on projects to make, so I love it!

  2. Lovely table runner! it's so cheerful!

  3. Your little houses are SO cute!
    And I love the Lucy's crab shack fabrics -- what a fun quilt!


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