Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday

How do Wednesday's always seem to sneak up on me?  It's not like I don't know it's going to be here the same time every week and yet every week I find myself surprised at how quickly it arrives.  With all of the snow days we have had in the last two weeks I've actually been able to do a good amount of sewing.  The only bad part is that the snow has mail delayed so I have started a lot of projects but I haven't been able to finish very many.

I worked on this little table runner for my partner in the Sew Sew Modern Swap.  The pattern is a modified version based on Dwell in Camille's second book.  My partner loves Bonnie and Camille almost as much as I do so I thought this was fitting.  I still need to finish it up and get it in the mail as the deadline is quickly approaching.

I also worked on sewing my jelly roll of Lucy's Crab Shack together.  I had been holding out on this project because I knew I needed two jelly rolls to make the quilt I wanted to do and I had been having a really hard time finding a second one in this line.  Luckily I was able to pick one up over at the great fabric destash.

Since I gave away my Central Rails quilt I had been wanting to replace it.  This was the perfect summery fabric to do that with.  I have just started sewing together my second jelly roll into the other half of these blocks.  Hopefully this will be a finished quilt top soon.

I also managed to score a Whimsy by Fig Tree layer cake in the great fabric destash.  Since I am taking Camille's second class on Craftsy I wanted to make her Piece of Cake 2 pattern that is part of the class.  These blocks are all done I just need to decide on a solid and get that ordered.  I don't have a Bella or Kona Color Card so it makes ordering solids a little hard.  I really should get one of those.  But I'm looking forward to having this one finished up into a quilt top soon as well.

That's it for me.  Head over to Lee's and see what everyone else is up to this week.  And let's hope for some more snow, it helps make me productive.  Just not next week while I am at my convention in DC.  


  1. Greta...I love houses, but esp. the colors you used in this WIP!!! (I love snow day quilting too.) Snow wishes being sent your way! Stop by: :)

  2. I love your little houses! I just bought the pattern last week, but haven't had time to sew up a house yet! Seeing yours makes me want to get started -- so cute!


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