Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

How is it Wednesday again already?  I'm not sure where the weeks are going.  Please tell me I'm not the only one to look at a calendar lately and get completely freaked out about just how close Christmas really is.  Since things are still really tight here I'm making as many Christmas presents as I can.  Homemade holidays is in full swing at my house but there are still people I don't know what to make.  Before you go suggesting I make quilts-I only make one quilt a year for Christmas.  It's a self imposed rule to keep me from going crazy and freaking out.

For my nephew I made up this little car roll up.  I used this tutorial and changed it up just a little by adding piping down the sides.  I almost wish I wouldn't have done that now because it looks a little messy but I'm sure JR will still love it.

If I were going to make this again though I would do a few things differently.  The tutorial calls for sewing on the track after the layers are sewn together.  I think I would do this first next time just to make it a little more clean.  And even though it was my idea to add the piping I think I would skip that next time as well.  I did use the Velcro that the tutorial called for but if I was doing this again I think some elastic loops with big buttons would still be easy for little hands.  

Since I've started the mad dash to completing my holiday list I will probably have to take a short break from my current project.  But I did manage to sew up the first quad of what I'm currently calling Marmalade Squares & Stripes.  Allison suggests in her tutorial to sew up a larger quilt in quads.  Which actually makes a ton of sense to me.  After working that way on my Complications quilt I have to say it is a lot easier to maneuver than tons of seams that are twin size.

I'm looking forward to this quilt along (found on instagram #feathersquiltalong) after the holidays.  It will be a little reward to myself for not going completely crazy with everything I have going on this season.  Quilting is after all cheaper than therapy.

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  1. Your car roll up turned out great! I'm sure your nephew will love it. I'm interested in that feathers quilt along! That sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing!


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