Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday

So after spending the first 2 days of my 4 day weekend wishing I was sewing and begging inspiration to strike I finally settled on a free quilt pattern I found on Pintrest for the back of my Complications quilt.  I've never really made a quilt back that had a lot of detail to it.  Usually I find one print from the line that is on sale and use that with some left over pieces or blocks so I don't have to try and match the pattern repeat.  But I am trying to work with what I have on hand right now since I can't afford any new fabrics to play with.

I really love Allison's (of Cluck Cluck Sew) patterns so it was not surprise that this free pattern of hers would be the same way.  I set out using the pieces I had left over from my fat quarters of Marmalade and Vintage Modern.  There are even the last tiny pieces of Ruby from my Swoon quilt mixed in here too.

Overall the pattern is made up of 4 types of blocks.  Large squares cut from a single fabric, squares made up of tiny squares, squares made up of strips, and a square in square design.  Then you lay them out in random order.  I think I am going to cut a few less of the large squares and add in a few more of the 16 patch squares because I have a ton of 2 1/2 inch squares cut already and they are just so darn cute.

I haven't cut everything out-another disadvantage to my sewing space is the lack of a proper cutting area.  I currently cut on a TV Tray so after a while my back starts to hurt.  So I cut a little and then sew a little.  I did manage to make the first 16 blocks or so not counting the solid ones I have cut out.  I need a total of 88 so that's not too shabby for progress.

Truthfully-I'm loving this so much it will be hard to use it as the back of a quilt.  I'm thinking it might just end up as its own quilt before it is all said and done.  But then of course what do I make for the back of two quilt tops.

In other news I joined Instagram this weekend.  I'm having a hard time finding all of my friends over there but I'm working on it.  I was such a fan of Flickr but it seems like more and more people, quilt alongs, and destash sales are showing up on Instagram these days and I felt like I was missing out.  But being so new I'm still trying to learn all the rules of the @ and the #.  Do you #designer when you use their patterns or fabrics?  What helpful hints do you have for someone brand new over there?   I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Oh this will be gorgeous! I love the fabrics you are using! Ya gotta love free patterns. saves money for more fabric;)


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