Saturday, July 6, 2013

Catching Up but Can't Stay Long

Hey everyone!  Well I'm back from my trip to Florida and overall I would call it a success.  I didn't make it to any quilt shops while I was down there because the hotel was so far away from everything.  My aching legs can attest to that after a 2 mile walk back from dinner one night in flip flops they were not happy.  But then again that's what happens when you don't plan things out.  I also managed to lose my debit card for the first time in my life.  I'm pretty sure the cashier didn't hand it back to me but there is a chance it could also be in the Atlantic Ocean now.  Luckily I was able to put a stop on it and get issued a temporary card so I could get home.  That of course was another adventure after Atlanta grounded all flights in or out on Wednesday due to weather.  In the end I made it even though my bags didn't but no worries they were delivered the next day with only a slight amount of damage.

Since I missed WIP Wednesday this week while sitting at the airport I thought I'd pop in really quick and give you all an update although I haven't been sewing.  I did convenience myself to join a couple of swaps right before I left for Florida.

The first one is the sewing room swap.  Well I don't really have a sewing room to speak of but I do have a corner of what is suppose to be our guest room.  Don't judge but here's a picture.  I'd love to replace that table with an actual sewing machine table that wouldn't wiggle every time I sew.  My mom has a great portable one that I like a lot so maybe I can start saving some pennies.

Here's a look at the mosaic I made for that swap.  I left it wide open for my partner because there are so many things I could use in that space that I didn't want to be too specific.  I think in my sign up form I mentioned a sewing machine cover which is something I could use for sure.  And it looks like that's what I will actually be making for my partner in this swap so it is a little ironic.  I need to find some good fabrics first though.  I have summer and bright colors on my mind but my partner is looking for a little something different so time to readjust.

You might have noticed some of my Anna Marie Horner fabrics sitting out in that photo.  Well that's because I also joined a charm swap of AMH fabrics.  I have lots of quilts made out of AMH but have wanted to make a very simple charm square quilt mixing all of her lines together for a while now and saw this as a perfect chance to get a variety of charms.  Here's hoping it will all work out the way I see it in my mind.  I like swaps like this because they are easy-just cut and send to one person who mixes up the fabrics and then sends them back to you.  And I can totally get that done before taking off on vacation next week.

Last up I signed up for one more round of the Sew Sew Modern swap.  You might remember I just did this swap to get my feet wet again in the world of swapping.  I was really planning to sit out this round but I knew I wouldn't be able to join the next one as it will be due right before the holidays so as the mosaics started popping up I ended up jumping on board.

Which reminds me I don't think I ever showed you guys the packet I received last time.  So here's a look at the pillow and little bag that I received.

Its going to be a busy work week and then we are heading off to Lake Gaston for a week where we have no cell signal and no internet so I'll be unplugged for a while but I promise I'll be back to catch up when we get home.  Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

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