Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday-The Best Laid Plans

Well I'm back from vacation and I need another vacation to recover.  You know those weeks you have where anything that can go wrong will.  Well that about sums up my vacation experience.  Between taking my husband to the emergency dentist and getting a call from the alarm company that someone had broken into our apartment it was anything but relaxing.  I should mention I had no cell service where we were so the call about the apartment was over 24 hours later when I heard it.  Luckily they didn't actually get into the apartment and nothing was broken or missing.  But it did freak me out a bit and I knew I wouldn't relax again until I had checked on things myself even after a kind neighbor took a look around for us.

I thought this week I would have so many good things to share with all of you.  But in reality I didn't sew at all while I was gone.  Turns out I assumed there would be an iron and ironing board at the rental and I was wrong.  So no way to press seams means no sewing.  Honestly though with all of the other craziness going on I doubt I would have been able to relax enough to sew a stitch anyway.  I did manage to lay out my Complications quilt all together to figure out my last section.  I now have a plan for that also so hopefully I will be able to add this one to the completed list soon.  It is still a favorite of mine so far!

One highlight of our vacation and the only thing we did outside of being on the lake was a trip to Rosemont Winery.  It's an old family farm turned winery in Virginia right on the North Carolina boarder.  Really its in the middle of no where but it was a great little side trip.  There wines aren't bad, I tend to like the sweeter wines so those of course were my favorites.

Be sure to head over to Lee's today and see what everyone else is sewing.  I know I can't wait to check them all out and get some more inspiration.  With Complications coming to an end and my dread of the mystery quilt I am suppose to be working on (don't worry mom I'll try and catch up by the time you get home) I'm already getting a little antsy to find my next project.

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  1. oh my word, I am so sorry to hear about your apartment, I hope it did turn out that nothing was taken? What a vacation ruiner for sure! Hopefully this week will bring you better things.

    I am stopping by from the WIP hop, hop by if you get a chance!


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