Sunday, July 7, 2013

A little sewing

So I should be focused on getting all of my chores done before we head off to the lake for a week.  There is laundry to do and dusting and all kinds of other things but today I stole a few minutes for sewing.  I should be working on my mystery quilt so my mom doesn't get too far ahead of me since we have an agreement about not opening the next step until we are both ready.  But the thought of all of those HST's just wasn't working for me so instead I thought I'd try and make a little progress on my Complications Quilt since it is sitting out in the sewing room and just begging to be sewn together.

I managed to get this chunk of the quilt sewn up.  It is actually the bottom of the quilt.  I've been jumping around a little based on which blocks I have done and how much time I have to sew.  Since I only had about an hour today I went with a section that I had most of the blocks finished for.  I had to make another little churn dash block because I had used the one I made for this earlier in the quilt.  I've been just working in different pieces here and there to fill up the empty spaces.  I actually only have one more section a little larger than this to make and I will have the top finished.  I'm debating now if I want to add the boarders or if I want to just leave it like this with all the blocks running together.  I think the boarders add a bit of calm and bring it all together but I'm just not sure yet which way I'll end up going.

You can read more about this quilt here and here.

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