Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pillow Talk (Finish it up Friday)

I love it when I get to share something on WIP Wednesday and by Finish it up Friday it's done.  That doesn't happen very much with quilts so maybe I should tackle some more of these smaller projects.  My modern quilt guild is hosting a pillow cover exchange on Saturday as part of our meeting.  Anyone who wanted to participate put their name and the colors they like on a piece of paper and entered it into a hat.  Then we randomly drew names.  Needless to say I don't know much about my partner and with no flickr or blog to stalk I was flying blind.  The only thing I knew was that she wanted something in the Quiltcon color scheme.

Quilting close up

I decided to go with the carpenter star after seeing this picture over on flickr.  I thought it was a pretty great concept that I could easily make into a pillow.  I had thought about doing a lot of quilting on this but in the end I decided to go minimal.  I quilting  in a spiral from the outside in of the four large diamonds.  I have never had a quilted pillow and I wasn't sure if my partner would want one or not.  I know it would be trickier to add more quilting once the pillow is done but figured if she wanted more quilting I could offer to do that.  After all that is way easier than taking out a bunch of quilting.

This really is straight I promise.  Not sure why it looks wonky here.

In the back I wasn't sure if I would have enough of the gray fabric so I added in a strip of the same lime green from the front.  I think it gives it a nice pop of color and is a playful little detail.  The Quiltcon colors don't match anything in my house and that is probably a very good thing since I need LOVE this pillow.

In other news if you haven't heard yet there are some amazing groups collecting items for Boston to share the LOVE.  The Boston Modern Quilt Guild is collecting blocks to turn into quilts for those hurting after last weeks bombing.  It doesn't feel like much to me to make a quilt block or two but having people I love in Boston makes me want to do something, anything.  No matter how small it may seem I know it will be a good way of letting them know we are praying for them and sharing our love.

Quilts for Boston

You can find out more by checking out the Boston Modern Quilt Guild blog.


  1. Terrific color pop pillow and we are of one heart in regard to the quilt blocks for Boston.

  2. I think those are the brightest and cheeriest colors I've seen today! I hope your swap partner loves it!

  3. Great pillow! love the colors, very summery!

  4. Love the quilting! Those colors are so vibrant!

  5. Beautiful! It was even prettier in person and the recipient loved it, too.


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