Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

For the last 8 years my Christmas tree has looked the same. The first Christmas I was married I asked my husband to pick out the color ornaments he wanted, I assumed he would pick a shade of red or green. Instead he picked blue. So I decorated our tree in blue and silver for the last 8 years. This year I decided it was time for a change. Now that I have this great tree skirt with such a wonderful story behind it (you can read about it here if you missed it) I really wanted to do something different. I don't have many red and green ornaments because they don't match the tree but a few years ago after Christmas I got some red and gold stars from cracker barrel on clearance and I had some red and green balls I got for a table center piece once before. I decided to use these as the base ornaments for the tree and then just fill in with whatever other ornaments we had. You will probably all think I'm crazy but when I do the silver and blue tree the only thing that goes on that's not blue or silver are snowman. I know I can get away with it because I don't have kids yet bringing me homemade ornaments.

Here's a look at some of my favorite ornaments on the tree this time. This wire angel I'm pretty sure my mom made as decoration for our presents about 3 years ago. I have two of them on the tree but they just look so nice to me. They pick up the white lights and of course they are angels which makes them special by their own right.

Last year my mom started a tradition with my brother (well his wife) and I that we get to pick a ornament off their tree and then she writes the story behind it and passes the ornament on to us. This was my pick last year which turns out to be a good one because it hung on my mom and dad's very first tree. They made it using a kit from a local hobby shop in New Mexico where they lived at the time. I like it because even if I go back to my blue and silver tree it will still fit in and it has sentimental significance.

Last up is the angel that is on top of my tree this year. This angel has decorated the top of my parents tree for as long as I can remember until my mom gave her to me a few years ago. My mom made her the year I was born as she has a great family story behind her. So this is my sentimental tree from the skirt all the way up to the angel on top. And since I've been feeling a little like a scrooge this year having this tree around is a nice reminder not only of why I celebrate Christmas but because of the blessing it represents as well. I hope you all have a blessed holiday season.


  1. What a beautiful tree and decorations you have. I really love the square tree skirt, never seen one square. Of course the quilter in me is saying I could whip one up, as we need a tree skirt, but the wise voice of wisdom is laughing at that thought.


  2. Its lovely. I do like your tree skirt.

  3. I'm so glad the tree skirt went to a good home ;-)


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