Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Sproutz Store

Okay all my little fabric junkies I want to tell you about a new fabric store. Laura over at The Sproutz Store on etsy has a fantastic shop. I try not to review stores on my blog because service is one of those things that is very objective. But with more and more talk out there of bad service, patterns and designs being ripped off, and just all around fear of a bad deal by my fellow fabric friends when I stumbled upon this delightful shop I thought it only fair to share the good with you as well. I was lucky enough to find Laura's store because I wanted to make the Blueberry Chocolate Squares quilt recently featured on Moda Bake Shop. Yes there were kits available through another store but I knew I want to make my quilt a little bit longer since it is going to be a Christmas gift for the hubby's dad and girlfriend (the dad's girlfriend, not the hubbies). Well the store featuring the quilt kit did not have the binding fabric available by the yard so off I went in search of an economical way to put this thing together without sacrificing style. I found that Laura had what I was looking for. I quickly sent her a convo to see if I would be able to get additional yardage and she was quick to respond. She set up a custom listing for me and then added to it when I realized I needed two yards of another print as well. The product was shipped quickly and I had it in just 3 days. Which makes a big difference especially if you are in a time crunch like I usually find myself. When the fabrics arrived they were all wrapped beautifully and the cuts were clean and accurate. I would order from Laura again in a heartbeat and while I debated putting in a large order before sharing my new love of her store with you I decided to go ahead and share. Head on over and check her out but be aware before you do she has some great bundles of some fabrics that are getting harder to find so if you are on a fabric diet or budget just remember I warned you. Be sure and tell Laura I said hi and that you are popping over from my blog. I know she will be glad to see you and help you with whatever she can.

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  1. Hi Greta, Thanks so much for your kind words! Good luck with your quilt. I know it will turn out lovely!



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