Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Figgy Pudding Scramble

Figgy Pudding Scramble might not be the most creative name ever but it works for me. Baby steps you guys. Okay so let me tell you a little bit about this quilt. Two years ago I bought a quilt kit at the first quilt show I went to and terrified I would mess it up somehow I waited over a year to make that quilt top (I say top because as you already know it hasn't been basted, quilted, or finished) and of course I did make a cutting error but it was recoverable. The pattern was called enigma and it came from this store. After I put that top together I realized that the pieces could easily be cut from a jelly roll and a little more than a charm pack because I wanted to add another roll. So I quickly schemed a plan. I convinced my mom that we could order a jelly roll and 3 charm packs and that we could make matching quilts. So the journey began, we picked our fabrics and we were off.

One rainy afternoon we sat in the car outside of Sam's Club I think and went through the jelly roll and picked our 1/2 of the fabrics. One for me and one for you style. I tried to keep a good blend but my mom just wasn't feeling the blue but she was big on the red. In the end she ended up with more red and was able to make a pretty nifty red square in the middle of her quilt hence the name "Red Square Envy" okay so that name is a little more creative. We picked different fabrics for our boarders and it made a big difference in the overall appearance of the quilts. So I love this quilt because it is the a quilt that I got to make with my mom. We spent a whole day sewing them together and competing to see who could get the next row on first. It was a lot of fun.

The one in front is my moms. Don't you just love the red
square in the middle and then the red in each corner.

I love this quilt because it is the first quilt I quilted myself. I took my inspiration from Jacquie and her fractured quilting technique. I thought it was just the right look of whimsy for this very structured quilt. Do you think its structured? I think the look of all straight lines, even though the blocks are arranged randomly give it structure. Of course I decided to use a bright red thread for the quilting as well. Now before you think I am completely crazy it is close to the same color as the backing and well it is a Christmas quilt and red is very festive. For those of you who told me the washing and drying process would hide my imperfections you were right in so many ways. While it isn't perfect I am very glad I stuck to my idea not to pull out the seam ripper. The quilting isn't overly heavy so the quilt is still nice and cuddly and well I love this quilt. Now that the first one is done, on to the next.

Close up of the quilting and one of my favorite
blocks in the quilt. I love those trees!


  1. Its very pretty. I love the back fabric. Red always makes me happy.

  2. Yay! It looks so great! Very proud of you, my dear! May you go from strength to strength!

  3. Well done can't wait to see what you are going to quilt next.


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