Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hexagon Madness

So this is what 883 basted hexagons look like in a pile. I realize it has been a while since I gave a hexagon update and I thought I would let you all know I am still plugging away with them. If you look over there on the left you will see the few scraps of Flea Market Fancy I have managed to wrangle. My goal is to try and have the entire line in this quilt before it is all said and done. So I've been keeping my eyes open on ebay and etsy for scrap packs that won't break the bank and I've managed to make a few well timed swaps for some that I was missing. I don't think I will ever be one to have slowly collected the entire line but I would like to see it happen in this one quilt. Most of these hexagons are made up from charm packs that I have swap and scraps that different online friends have traded with me. The good thing about doing this at the same time as so many of my friends is we all have the same question, how can I manage to get over 2000 fabrics that I only need a 2.5 inch square of without breaking the bank. I did find 3 duplicates today when I was counting these and with so many swaps it is getting a little harder to keep track but I think I've done pretty good so far. Still no plans for how I am going to sew them all together. I'm thinking I might just dump them in a big box and whichever one I pull out will be the one to go on next. With the exception of the super cute ones that Cory made for me. I know I want to do something special with those so they are a feature. I just haven't figure it out yet.


  1. Well done Greta on making this many. I have come to a standstill at the moment at 500 basted but not any joined together yet. I too have decided to go for the random effect. At first I thought I would make Granny's flower gardens but then I thought that I would probably run out of suitable fabrics before I had completed the quilt so random it is. Hopefully I will get back to the hexagons now that I have finished knitting the shawl for my new grandchild that is due in the next week. It is also my turn to do the bee in October so I am thinking hard on that at the moment, have lots of ideas but nothing definte yet.

  2. Those are beautiful and alot of work. Great job!
    - modalissa

  3. Wow that is a lot. I hadn't thought about the need for so many different fabrics. Ouch.


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