Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Sew Much

I haven't been doing a lot of sewing lately. I still haven't even finished cutting all my strips apart for Amanda Jeans quilt a long and she posted the last step today. One of these days I will do a quilt a long and stay on track. Sunday I decided to try and organize my sewing space. It took a lot longer than I thought (especially since I have just taken up what use to be the dining room) there has to be a better way. I did manage to get these packages out to my Bee Buddies for the Circuit Bee. I'm only about a week late. But seeing as how the hubs has been asking me to make this quilt for the last two years I figured it was time to recruit some help and make it happen. Hopefully in time for a nice Christmas gift, assuming I can find a long arm quilter who knows what a tarheel is and can do an allover pattern with out leaving me messy strings. You might remember last years Christmas gift mess. I asked the girls to make blocks with simple lines and I am hoping to make something half as nice as this quilt which is the inspiration. I know nothing new there.

I also started working on some blocks for round two of the Mod Bento Box Swap. Those blocks aren't due to be mailed to Jessica until the start of September but lets face it they are easy to make then any of the bee blocks I have on my table right now and I just needed some sewing distraction.

Last up I laid out all of the blocks I've gotten back so far for the Modern Tradition Bee. I had asked those ladies to make scrappy blocks for an Arkansan Crossroads quilts. As the blocks started to come back I was really second guessing myself. Not because the girls didn't do wonderful work but just because well I'm not really sure I like the scrappy look. I know shocking because every bee block I've sent out so far has been scrappy. Seeing the blocks all laid out like this I kind of like it though. So I have a few more blocks to collect and a few of my own to make and then I should have one nice scrappy quilt.

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