Sunday, August 29, 2010

Modern Swappers Package

Sometimes a plan works out and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes your first, second, and third attempts fail. I signed up for the Modern Swappers swap over on flickr what now seems like forever ago. We had our partners assigned and we had 3 months to put our package together. Boy, did I struggle with this one. My partner and I have very different taste. Not a bad thing it just makes it hard sometimes to imagine if the receiver will like their package. Since there were 3 months to put it together it was a pretty good size swap. The requirements meant that we were to send a homemade item, something to decorate our partners sewing space, and at least 1 1/2 yards of fabric. One of my first plans was to make pillowcases for my partner, and I did though it took several attempts. I cut my fabric based on one pattern and then realized I didn't want to do it that way and switched patterns. They turned out but just barely. If she has over sized pillows I'm afraid they won't fit.

I had also planned to make a fabric basket. Well I only bought 1/2 a yard of the fabric thinking it was right but again my mathematical skills were lacking that day because it didn't give me enough room to cut out the pattern for the size basket I wanted. I scratched that idea all together. This morning I was feeling really down and out about this package because I just didn't like the things I had come up with. At this point I had a half finished throw pillow (we won't even discuss it) a scratched plan for a basket, and the mailing deadline is Wednesday. Seeing as I have the worse luck ever with the postal office and it always takes me longer to get there then I plan I wanted everything ready to go tomorrow morning. I sat down with a bag of scraps my mom won online and was nice enough to share with me and I just started sewing the strips together. Frustrated really and with no clear plan. Then I thought I could make a pincushion, right? I mean I did need an item to decorate her sewing space and I did have like 7 pounds of walnut litter for insides.

I am very happy with the results. Mom I owe you big time for sending that bag of scraps home with me because it saved my project. I just sewed the strips together and then instead of cutting a square I cut them on a diagonal. I love it because the front and back are traveling in opposite directions. I didn't have a plan and sometimes I think those are the projects that turn out the best. I am going to have to make another one of these because I love it and I need one for my sewing space now.

Also going in this package is a set of coasters. A while back one of my online friends was nice enough to send me some KJR Ribbon Flowers. I thought using those fabrics would work well since my partner loves bright colors and I am seriously lacking in the neon fabric world. I think the KJR fabric is a nice balance between the two of us so I am hoping that she will like them. All of the patterns I looked up suggested a lot of quilting on the coasters but I really wanted to keep them simple to show off the fabrics. I just did one row of quilting about 1/4 of an inch from the side. I do think they would look great with squares going all the way to the middle and I might try that on the next set. I guess we will just have to see. There are some other goodies going in my box as well but I thought I would share the basics with you guys. My packages is coming in sections because my original partner backed out of the swap at the last minute but I have some angels who stepped up and I am sure that I am getting the winning end of this deal. Kelly has already sent me some beautiful fabrics and I can now say that I have held a piece of AMH voile and it is as butter soft in person as everyone describes it to be. I am holding on to those for a special project but I am so thankful for the great choices she made just for me.

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