Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Little Luck & A lot of Pinwheels

I am one of those people who never wins anything. I usually don't even bother to enter giveaways in blogland because I doubt I will win anyway. Last Monday I got an email from a friend congratulating me for being the winner of the weekly giveaway from Hawthorne Threads. The funny thing is because I had looked at the newsletter on the new to me iphone (a hand me down from the hubs) I didn't see the whole newsletter. But thanks to Debbie for pointing it out this little bundle of happiness showed up at my door on Thursday.

My mom and I went on a mini shop hop around town on Saturday and I had a little luck then too. If you have been reading for a while you know Heather Bailey is one of my favorite fabric designers. I have been making swaps and slowly tracking down Freshcuts which is no longer in print. My Canadian Fairy Godmother Leanne had sent me two sets of strips which are in progress of being sewn up for Amanda Jean's Quilt A Long. So I couldn't believe it when one of those quilt stores had these jewels in their sale rack. When I saw the first one I actually grabbed it and hugged the bolt. I'm pretty sure my mom thought I had lost it at that point. You can only imagine when I turned the corner and saw two more colorways. Of course I bought all three and I am contemplating the 45 minute drive back just to snatch up some more before it is to late.

Since there wasn't much time to sew this weekend I have been finishing up a few more Pinwheel Blocks for Kim for the Circuit Bee. She only asked us for two but she sent so much fabric and lets face it I love pinwheels. I spent a lot of time on flickr looking for new blocks like I mentioned before. This block was inspired by this lovely block on flickr. I like the scrappy look of it and I think it will help balance the other scrappy block I made. The block went together really quickly and so I tried out one more.

This is probably my least favorite of the four blocks I made. It just looks off to me somehow. I think it is the corners. I made this one after seeing this block. I don't think it will hurt my feelings if Kim decides not to use it in her quilt.

Here's a look at all four of the blocks together. I know I just made an entire quilt out of pinwheels but I really like these blocks and they are missing from the original so I might just have to make a few more. Besides I told Leanne I would make some in Meadowsweet for her so I might as well make two if I am going to make one right?


  1. I think the one you dont care for is my favorite! That one and the one on the bottom left! You did great!

  2. I love all the blocks you did. Such a great job and I appreciate all the time it took to make them WOW


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