Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday & Catching Up

Whew where did the last month go?  It wasn't my intention to be gone for so long but things just got away from me.  The hubs ended up in the hospital-yes everything is okay now.  However, it just threw off my whole schedule.

I did finish up and mail out my two swaps packages.  The first is my Sew Sew Modern 3 package.  My partner asked for a market tote.  And I hope I didn't take one of the photos in her inspiration mosaic too much at face value but it was a fabric pull of yellow, gray, and teal.  I happen to think those colors look great together so I went for it in the market tote.  I also included several goodies for her.  I sent EOS lip balm in both of my most recent swaps.  Have you guys tried that stuff?  It looks a little funny because it is shaped like an egg and a lot of people will ask what you are doing.  But it gives you the softest lips.  They also make a really great shave cream just in case you wanted to know.

I totally forgot to snap a picture of my Sewing Room Swap package before I sent it out but I included a fabric hoop and wall hanging for my partner as well as lots of goodies.  That one had a long way to travel so I tried to keep it light weight but I hope my partner will still enjoy it.

Funny story-when I went to Target to get extra's for my packages they had these little magnetic boards in the dollar spot that were super cute.  So I picked one up for my partner when I got to the register they clerk scanned it and this big red box popped up on the screen and it wouldn't let her do anything else.  It said "DO NOT SELL PRODUCT!"  Talk about throwing you off.  I was like what does that mean-of course she had to wait for a manager who explained the item was to be pulled from the floor and so they weren't allowed to sell it.  Total bummer because they were super cute.  Impressive though because not only did she not let me buy mine she asked where I found it and immediately went and pulled them all from the shelf.

I also dropped three quilts off to the long arm.  One of them is a Christmas present so hopefully I will have it back in time.  The other two she told me I wouldn't get back until next year which is a little sad since one of them is my Swoon quilt.  But at least I know I will have some finished at the start of next year.

I found some Hello Betty in a shop on sale so I order enough to make up a backing for this little baby quilt. It's hard to believe I finished this quilt top in April of 2011.  I still don't have anyone in mind to receive it but I thought finding backing fabric from the same line after all this time was a good indication that I should rescue this one from the flimsy pile.

Now I can relax and start working on my next project.  Which my dad has told me has to be my mystery quilt.  My mom was finished with round 2 so we did open the envelopes for round 3 even though I wasn't to that point yet.  Overall I think it is going to be a pretty quilt when it's done.  I've seen lots of quilts in Chicopee around lately and I'm thinking I might need to make one too.  But I have so many quilts already planned and waiting or ones that need to be finished so I think maybe I should pull one of those out to work on.  Be sure to head over to Lee's to see what everyone else has going on.

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