Sunday, June 27, 2010

Something in the Middle

I've been sewing a lot this weekend and yet it seems like I have nothing to show for it. Everything I tried to work on broke. First I was going to do the June blocks for the Fussy Cut Bee but I ran out of materials so they are going back unfinished. I hate when that happens. Then I started making flying geese and I tried out a new tool. The first set of 4 worked great the next set not at all. Then I tried again and still nope. I had this problem once before and I think I might have warped the fabric when ironing so I will take that apart and try again a little later. Up next I worked on July Blocks for Bee Stitched. Lynette sent along some Lantern Bloom fabric and asked for wonky stars. She left it up to us to make a little something special in the middle. Humm there's that creative improv thing again. This time though I am very happy with the results. First I decided since I have become boarder line obsessed with these paper pieced hexagons (that's why I haven't seen my machine in awhile) that was the obvious choice for my fist block.

The one thing I would have done differently is removing the basting stitches and papers sooner. I was hard to take it out after the block was together but I was afraid I was going to take them out to soon and the hexagons I had cut would loose their shape.

For the second block I had planned to make a pinwheel for the middle, but when I was laying out the pieces and saw the diamond in the middle it reminded me of this block which is a favorite of mine. And no I don't know why it reminds me of it since I realize they are nothing alike but it does. So I thought maybe it was meant to be and left it as a diamond. Overall I think that gave a good effect because now it looks like some of those points are really extended. I hope Lynette likes them. I think overall these might be some of my favorite blocks I have made to date for my quilting bees. They are getting harder as the time goes on and everyone is becoming more confident in what can be accomplished but I think that might be a good challenge.


  1. I get so stressed out when I have to make something improv or "creative" for a bee! I know it's good for me to stretch, but I worry so much about whether the person will like what I've done that I get really blocked for ideas. I love your blocks, Great - they are so pretty!

  2. Greta--That hexagon center is wonderful! Great idea!! =)


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