Monday, June 7, 2010

Can you Remember?

Can you remember when sewing was a therapeutic thing you did to relax after a long day of work? Or something fun you looked forward to doing on the weekends in between chores and all of the hustle and bustle of life? Recently I noticed that my to do list wasn't getting any shorter and that I was starting to get stressed out about sewing. Remember the crazy list of to-do's from last weekend. I happen to have today off because I am going to Omaha next weekend for the GFWC convention for work and this morning I missed out on sleeping in because of the dogs so I thought I would sew for a little bit. The laundry was started and the dishes are drying in the rack and I thought of all the other chores I needed to do and realized that I had put sewing on that list. Maybe it is because when I decided to join a bee I joined 5, maybe it is because when I see a new quilt a long I like I sign up, maybe it is because I join in swaps, maybe it is because my list of I want to try that is longer than the number of days I have. But whatever the reason I realized that sewing wasn't all that much fun anymore. So I sat down at my machine to work on the next chore on my list and I picked up the easiest bee block that I had, a double pinwheel for Heather. I made a stupid mistake at the start and ended up having to take it apart. I found myself frustrated and I got up and walked away for a minute thinking why did I make a commitment to so many groups. I sat back down and started over after giving myself a time out the block went together like a dream. The fabric was super soft, it didn't warp when I ironed it, the seams all laid flat, it lined up like I wanted. Now the block isn't perfect I'm sure but I was happy with it and it reminded me that I do like sewing. I joined the bees because I wanted to try new things. I love quilt alongs and swaps because of the amazing people I've gotten to meet. I would never have meet such wonderful friends who send me such wonderful gifts and listen to me talk about my frustrations not just with sewing but life in general if I didn't. So next time you find you have put sewing on the chore list instead of the fun things to do list take a minute and remember why you do it.

One of those amazing friends I met is Corey, look at these amazing hexagons she sent me. If you haven't checked her blog out by now you are missing out on some amazing talent. Be sure to head over there and see what she is up to.


  1. That post just hit home with me. I was getting stressed a while ago about being behind on my sewing. Then I was feeling like I didn't have anything to blog about because I wasn't sewing. This time of year there are so many things going on outside I just don't have the sewing and computer time that I do in the fall and winter. Thanks for letting me know that other people feel the same way. I think I needed that today.

    I finally just told myself that it's OK to let it go during the summer and just do what I can manage without letting the other obligations slip. Soon my son will be back to school and my parents leave for Florida for the winter and then I'm kind of lonely and really enjoy the process.

  2. Greta your post really hit home as I too have been getting stressed with all my sewing "chores". I have bought fabric to make 3 dresses and 3 skirts to take on my holiday to France - I go next Thursday - and I haven't started yet not to mention the quilt that I am making as a thank you present for the friend I am staying with and of course there are the bee blocks. Does it sound familiar? Also there is work to fit in and the housework and the family to look after and have fun with. I just need 48 hours per day and 14 days per week right now. Don't want to get bored though!!!

  3. Greta--So glad the hexies arrived safe and sound! Your post describes things here as well. I'm trying to get some projects buttoned up before leaving for vaca. next week and there are just quite a few things to do. Add in a one year old and a five year old and things can get quite hairy!! =)


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