Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fried Mayo

Well I'm back from Omaha and while the trip was a lot of work it was not without it's moments of fun as well. I didn't have a lot of down time as the convention kept me really busy but on Friday night I did get to have dinner with some amazing women. I had the opportunity to meet up with another online quilting friend, Debbie and her daughter Keira. My boss thought it was a little strange to meet people I hadn't even talked to on the phone but that didn't keep her from tagging along. I love to meet the friends I make through our online quilting community in person. It may seem strange to everyone else but I feel like I do know all you guys. I mean lets face it we share our experiences with quilting regardless of if they turn out great or need some improvement which is a risky thing to do, we share the joys and the sorrows of each others lives in the safety of our online bees and groups, we know some really important stuff that is going on in each others lives, why not meet in person if you ever have the chance? They were wonderful to meet and we had a great time. Since it was so late when we were able to get together Debbie took me to the only fabric place in town that was still open, Mangelsen's, which is a lot like a really big Michael's Craft Store. There was a small cafe attached to the store and while we were browsing through the fabric the sales lady proceeded to tell us about all of the things we should try. I couldn't believe she was telling us that we should be sure to try the deep fat fried pickles. Well we did eat at this little cafe and while I skipped the pickles I did take her up on the other recommendation for no other reason then to be able to say I ate fried mayo. What you don't believe me, lucky for you I brought the menu home and here is the exact description of my dinner in the menu:

"Cheesiest of Frenchees Basket: 3 thick slabs of deli cheese and
mayonnaise on thick slices of freshly backed FarmHouse bread,
dipped in our special recipe batter, coated in flakes and fried."

I had mine with Sun Stix which are sweet potato french fries. It was actually really good. So what about you, any strange local favorite foods that anyone else would think was nuts? While in Omaha I also got to check out the pedestrian bridge so I can also say that I walked to Iowa. I know that sounds impressive right. Really it is just a short bridge across the river and while there is a park and river walk on the Nebraska side when you get to Iowa there is nothing. Development coming soon I am sure.

I am glad to be home and looking forward to getting some rest this morning before heading back to work this afternoon. So that I can get back to my sewing machine soon.

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  1. Sounds like a fun work trip! It's great you could combine your quilting world and your work world and have some memorable moments. I'm totally on board with fried mayo!!


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