Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mini is Always Better

Why is it that things in miniature are always cuter? Did you see that new button over there on my sidebar? When one hexagon quilt isn't enough you can always make two, right? While I am enjoying the hexagon quilt along that Julie is leading over at the ORBC group. I keep seeing all these pictures of mini hexagons all over flickr. I took some time out to visit Melanie's blog and have a look around. Then I watched her videos, joined the flickr group and sat back for a minute. Then I told Leanne, we could do this. So of course since I convinced Leanne to join me I felt like I had to stick with it. Here are the few I managed to eek out on my lunch break today. Sort of a slow start but I'm getting the hang of it. Haven't joined the fun yet, what are you waiting for? There are even some swaps starting up to help those who want to make a true charm quilt without buying 1000+ fabrics.

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  1. Oh, those are soooo cute. I've cut my hexagons out of paper. That's a start right?


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