Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still Going

I feel a little bit like the energizer bunny with my sewing machine this weekend. While I still don't see the entire list I made being finished by the time I have to go back to work on Tuesday I do feel like I will be more in control of my sewing projects. I have made some progress today though. Yesterday I got a little side tracked with taking the husband to run errands, he won't be able to drive until the doctor gives the green light so for now it's either stay home or wait for someone to drive him. First off I finished the block for Norma for the Modern Tradition Quilt Bee. She sent along hunky dory and asked that we complete a single block in a tulip pattern. It was a fairly simple block to piece but mine still seemed to get a little wonky so there were a few seams that needed undoing and remaking. Overall I am happy with the way the block looks and I hope Norma will be too. I mailed it off today and it should reach her on Tuesday just a day late.

Next up I took a little break from the bee blocks to piece together my pinwheel sampler. You might remember me talking about following along with Rachel. Well the light outside is fading so I took a few quick shots just so I didn't have to leave you in the dark but I promise better pictures soon.The pink was a last minute choice and I pretty much landed there because I didn't have enough of the yellow and this was the best of the few solids I had at the house. I think it adds a nice little pop! I am thinking about adding a border in the pink all the way around before I'm done. I like the way the pink helps the blocks to stand on there own.

The pink is Kona Bubblegum so I think the color in
this picture is a little more true then the outside photo.

And last up for your viewing pleasure I have a stack of fabrics that I pulled to use for the Mod Bento Box Swap. What you didn't think I told you about all of those projects without putting a few on my to do list as well did you. The instructions requested saturated colors which immediately made me think jewel tones. Then I thought they were getting a little dark so I tried to brighten them up a little with the brighter colors. What do you think? If you are participating in this swap would you be happy with blocks made of these choices? Is there something you would like to see go? Or do you know of there perfect print or color that is missing?

Well it's time to make dinner and then maybe manage to sew a few more stitches before bed time. Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. The block looks amazing. The quilt top with pink is lovely (and I'll take it off your hands, if you want). And I love your fabric choices for the Bento swap. Yep, pretty much love it all, Miss G.

  2. Love the tulip block. So pretty. Your quilt top is pretty nice too.


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