Monday, December 2, 2013

Homemade Holidays Part 1

I might have over done it with the number of homemade items on my Christmas gift giving list.  I've made a lot of progress already but I have myself wondering if I might be a little crazy to have taken on so much.  So many of the things I can't show you just yet because of who they are for but I've been busy making quilts, pincushions, and other fun things.  You might remember the toy car roll up I shared previously was on the list as well.  I had been struggling with what I was going to give my sister in law for Christmas other than a pincushion that I had made up for her.  On Thanksgiving she commented on a table topper I had made for my mom a few years ago and how much she liked it.  Well I happened to have everything I needed to make another one and in burgundy and creams it even matches her home nicely.

The pattern is from Camille's first book and the fabric is French General Rouenneries.  Apart from the fact that these are stitch and flip blocks which I hate making the pattern is very user friendly and easy to follow.  It only took me a couple of hours to make the blocks and get the top put together between laundry and dishes yesterday.

Now comes the hardest part for me.  I need to quilt this little ditty.  One thing I always wish I had done differently on my mom's table topper was more quilting.  I was chicken back then so I just did some flowers in the solid and some straight lines in the boarder on hers.  It is pretty loosely quilted to put it mildly.  But now I have this one that needs to be quilted and I'm still chicken to do it.  Any suggestions?  

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