Sunday, July 18, 2010

Too Hot

Last weekend was a super busy weekend which left no time for sewing. Friday night we went to a Toby Keith concert and didn't get home until after midnight. Followed up on Saturday with dinner at a new friends house. I made black bean and corn salsa and this banana pudding.

I've been trying to watch what I eat so since I don't like bananas this was not tempting to me but it is one of my husbands favorites so it was a win win. And yes I made the custard and all from scratch even though I thought it would never thicken up it got good reviews so I must not have done to bad. Then on Sunday we took a trip to the local zoo with a different set of friends and their kids. Not all that impressive. I forgot how few animals the Norfolk Zoo actually has and the layout makes it almost impossible to get a good view when they are hiding out on super hot days like we've been having here.

And since it has been a while since I posted you guys missed out on my fishing trip on the Monday after July 4th. The husband and I went but I have to say I caught the monster that day. Sorry for the bad iphone photo but here's a look at my second catch of the day.

That heat has had me struggling for the last few weeks to do any sewing at all. I have however been continuing progress on the hexagons and I have just under 500 of them done. I haven't started sewing them together yet because I haven't decided on a layout. I'm thinking I'd like to just keep it totally random but I'm not sure if my desire for controlled chaos will allow me to do such a thing. What about you, is it to hot to sew? I'd love to hear about the projects you are currently working on. Okay well while I have a little momentum I'm gonna go spend some time cutting for my next project. Happy summer everyone.


  1. I think if I decided that it was too hot to sew or knit that I'd end up with nothing to do for 8 months of the year. So I just do it anyway.

    Congrats on the big fish!

  2. Whoa! That fish is a big one! It's too hot here to sew too. I've been doing a sampler quilt a long and just managing my two blocks a week. My fabric has been wadding up in my cutter because it's so humid. I'm just thinking of lots of projects to start in the cool, crisp fall!


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