Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sometimes It's Just Hard

I've been meaning to update my blog for a while in fact I have even sat down and started writing out blog post only to leave them unattended until they are no longer relevant.  Things here have just been hard lately.  It doesn't seem possible that Christmas is just a few short days away.  Don't panic it's not here yet but I am sure I will be putting the finishing touches on presents on Christmas Eve.  A few of those gifts are actually surprise gifts that I am very excited to be gifting.  Not that I don't always put a lot of thought into my gift giving but this year there are a few that are pretty sentimental and I'm hoping the recipients will love them as much as I do.  Plus this is the first Christmas with my nephew so I am super excited to see the joy through a little ones eyes this year.

This is what my tree currently looks like, it's only about 1/2 decorate because I just wasn't really feeling it this year.  Like I said it's been hard.  I had the tree about 1/4 of the way done when we had to take our bulldog to the emergency vet.  Unfortunately she never got to come home with us and so like I said it's been hard around here lately.  After that I managed to get enough ornaments on the tree for it to not look too sad and I've managed to wrap the two gifts you see there.  I guess I better get busy and wrap some more since Christmas is almost here.

Denali Snowberry Boyd July 21, 2005-December 5, 2011
I have been making some progress on a few projects.  I started slowly sewing together my hexagon charm quilt.  I decided to just go with an all over scrappy look.  It's very slow going and I'm not very good at it so I'm just hoping and praying the darn thing will stay together when it's finished.

Hexagon Quilt
I also managed to make a few of the blocks for my chasing chevrons quilt along quilt.  The quilt along is actually wrapping up but I'm still working away at it making blocks.  I've been sidetracked some by projects I can't share here just yet but as soon as the presents are opened I promise to write about them here.

Chasing Chevrons

Wishing you and yours a very     


  1. Oh Greta, I'm so sorry about your girl. Losing a dog is losing a beloved member of your family and you are mourning a great loss. Don't feel like you have to force the Christmas cheer but maybe going through the motions can take your mind off of it. Who knows .... do what you can and don't sweat what you can't. Your projects are beautiful and I'm sure your gifts are going to bring lots of joy to the recipients.

    You are in my thoughts. Molly

  2. I've been missing your very sorry to hear about your sweet dog.
    It's so hard to lose a dog "baby" and I am thankful for everyday I have mine.
    My heart goes out to you.

  3. So sorry about your sweet doggy. I haven't been motivated to blog much, either. Must get back up on that horse!

  4. I'm so sorry Greta. I am crying for you. I know how hard that is. I don't want to imagine loosing Gus or Abby. How is your other baby taking it?


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