Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIP Wednesday #5

I haven't been doing a whole lot of sewing since I am trying to get prepared to go to the GFWC Convention with work next weekend.  Lots of time spent doing stuff around the house and trying to make sure I have everything I need to go.  If anyone has suggestions of things to see and do in Milwaukee (or where some good quilt stores are hiding) please let me know.  I'll be there for four days this time and I'm hoping to get the chance to see some sights.

What I have been working:

I quilted about a third of my Spring Weekends quilt before running out of thread.  I always underestimate how much it will take.  I went with the all over loopy pattern again and I was really surprised by how much easier it has been the second time around.  Not as many problems with the flow of the quilting.  I did take your advice and go with a pale yellow for the quilting.  It is subtle but I like that it's something different from the typical white.

I'm still working on this robe for my coworker.  Hope to finish it up today as a matter of fact.  It just needs buttons and the bias tape at this point.  So I have been making a little progress.  She asked me to make a second one for her son but I declined.  See sometimes I can say no.  Bertha didn't really enjoy the first one and it dulled my rotary blade really bad cutting the towel.  Not to mention there is still pink fuzz flying all over my sewing room.

I'm slowly turning the pile from this post, into a quilt.  It's slow going especially since I cut a bunch of pieces wrong the first time.  More on that later.  As I plan to write up my thoughts about the quilt and pattern a little later.  Probably once the top is finished.

I decided to use this lovely stack of fabric for Elizabeth's Quilt Along.  Although I am still trying to make a decision about which solid to use.  And then again I'm still eyeing my collecting of Garden Party and wondering if it might be a better choice.  What do you thing?

Head on over to see what everyone else is working on.

Oh and with a little help from this tutorial I spruced up the blog a little bit.  Head on over and check it out.  It was a lot of fun and now I'm looking forward to changing it up more often.


  1. I think that stack of fabric from Marmalad would be great in the qa, with a light gray (ASH) background - ?? Just a thought. Love your spring quilt!!

  2. Ooh, keeping busy, aren't you? I love the oranges in your stack. I may have to check those out.

  3. I really, really love your Spring Weekends quilt! The colors are so inviting and the quilting is great!

    Jennifer :)

  4. I agree with Debbie on the light gray. That would be so pretty!


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